Moving Experiences

3 11 2007

 Apartment back garden

Only 16 days to go before I’m outta here and in an effort to facilitate the landlord getting a new tenant into the apartment I foolishly agree to an inspection on Saturday between midday and 12.30 pm. The fun actually begins at 5.30 pm Wednesday night when I am distracted by movement outside my balcony. Jumping up and down and brandishing a print-out of the details of the place is an Asian lady who indicates she wants me to let her in to look at the place. I indicate an emphatic ‘No’ back.

Mind you, I can hardly blame her as it is a beautiful apartment with a private garden and the river and golfcourse at the end of the driveway.

Saturday dawns and at approximately 11.10am with 50 minutes to go before the inspection I glance out my bedroom window to see an entire group of people (approx. 12 by my count) on the lawn in front of aforesaid balcony staring in motionless like zombies. Instantly feel like I have been transported into an Evil Dead movie and am in urgent need of my Boom Stick. I call the agent telling him there is quite the crowd assembling already but he says he cannot get there until 12. I am so freaked out by the silent staring zombie crowd that I hide in the study until midday when he finally appears by which time the crowd has swollen to about 2o of the undead. End of driveway

Unable to resist winding them up and as I’m going out I say loudly ‘Don’t forget to tell them about the ghost, Eric’ at which point several zombies assume a look of panic. At least I didn’t mention the possessed toilet.

If only I’d use my power for good instead of evil. Sigh.




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