Uptight & Personal Diary Entry March 12th

12 03 2010

Friday 12th March

Detour before work to do test. However, have found Blue who has been moved inside Gaye Kelleway’s yard as I spot him looking over his stable door as I walk to the Exning bus stop. Visiting could now pose a problem as she often has the gate to the yard locked but at least I now know where he is (and hopefully he is less bored with other horses to look at).

Strange thing relating to the collective subconscious. I’ve run across this before in Hollywood where several unconnected people simultaneously start working on similar stories with the result of course that they discover one may already be in development by the time they come to pitch the idea. My philosophy has always been that at least it shows one is plugged in. When I came to publish Sea Eyes I found several similar threads running through a couple of books including one about the Faroe Islands dolphin slaughter where a couple manage to break the interspecies communication barrier – one of them a recoding artist/musician. It was so weird that I tried to contact the author without success. Obviously I uploaded something from the ether. I’m now reading The Rapture. Not only are there similarities between the cover of that book and my own but the child protagonist in my book for those of you who haven’t read it is called Bethany Caul. The child protagonist in The Rapture – Bethany Krall. Coincidence? No whales in The Rapture yet but hey – I’m only on page 36. And for the record – it’s excellent so far.

True Blue Boy




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