Uptight and Personal Diary Entry 27.12.10 – Bah Humbug Edition

27 12 2010

Still in bad mood following Christmas cookathon and inability to shower/brush hair/put make-up on fizzog due to being chained to hot stove. Very nasty experience. Destroy all Christmas photos which show me greasy and sweaty with bad hair dressed in yoga pants. Also most of the photos are wrongly exposed and taken by somebody who considers themselves a professional photographer and should hang their head in shame.

Bad mood somewhat ameliorated by Boxing Day walk when four deer run right across the track in front of me. Typically I don’t have the telephoto lens on my camera and there’s no time to swap so I just have to shoot. Shooters of another kind are around judgeing by the surround-sound of shotgun blasts which puncture the post-Christmas peace so I am hoping Bambi and his friends sticks to the woods until sundown (which is about 3.30 at this time of year!)

Have embarked upon post-Christmas diet which involves more walking and no alcohol. Due to the fact I get performance anxiety when writing and it being the festive season I have waded through vast quantities of booze, and dismayed at size of thighs in aforesaid deleted Xmas photos. Must not give into performance anxiety.

Ended up re-reading these postings due to a Melrose author finding the blog and being unhappy with my critique of their literary skills. Comment is free. Or as an ex of mine once said to me: ‘She who lives by the word will die by the word’. However, my entry about strange little worlds that only mean something to people that share them, and having to create a new one when the relationship ends hits home.

I am become discarded.  The destroyer of worlds.




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