The ‘I’d Like to Thank’ project is up and running!

4 03 2011

I’d like to thank Tony Barnes for being the first in – Tony, just for that you get your name mentioned at the awards ceremony should we get that far!

Thanks also now go to Sally Norman, Geneva Rose, Clive Armstrong (whose idea this was), Lori Trenton, Anne Simpson, Malachi Desmond, Katie Conroy, Sharon Hawkins, Kevin Mackay and Ellie Lister.

This crazy idea might actually WORK.

So, if you’ve just joined us the ‘I’d Like to Thank’ project aims to be the first feature film project funded by entirely by small donations via the blogsphere. Everybody gets a thank-you to create the world’s biggest ‘I’d like to thank’ award acceptance speech (fit that into your schedule, Oscar!)

The film is called True North and is a drama set in Haida Gawii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Here are some photos of the location taken by myself when I was last up there.

I’m asking people to donate a minium of $2.00. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee. You can of course donate more – lol Log onto your PayPal account and send your donation to and voila! You’re now a movie producer. Everybody who donates will receive an ‘I’d like to thank’ thank-you PLUS a PDF of the final script – how’s that?





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